Don’t cry over spilled milk

I don’t know about you, but as of late I’ve been going through a 5 of Cups period. You know the kind… where you feel like everything is lost, you’re in despair, or at least you are so focused on the negative. Truly though, this card should be called “don’t cry over spilled milk”. It’s […]

Essential Oil Sleeping Blend

I’ve really been getting into essential oils as of late. I’m so glad I did! They always intrigued me and seemed like an awesome way to get some great health benefits without some of the awful side effects that many meds can have. While essential oils can’t fix everything, they can help with a lot. […]

The Fool

This is my first blog post on this website… and what better a place to start than with the Fool? As a tarot reader, the Fool has a special place in my heart. It shows a person starting fresh on a journey– bright eyed and bushy tailed as they adventure into the unknown. Ahead of […]