Don’t cry over spilled milk

I don’t know about you, but as of late I’ve been going through a 5 of Cups period. You know the kind… where you feel like everything is lost, you’re in despair, or at least you are so focused on the negative. Truly though, this card should be called “don’t cry over spilled milk”.

It’s easy to get stuck looking at the cups overturned in this card. The things that are bad and right in front of you. It’s easy to fixate on the negative. It’s hard to remind yourself that all is not lost.

That’s the thing about this card. It doesn’t show that all is lost, and it’s definitiely not complete loss. Instead it is some loss, but reminding you not to focus on it. Focus on the good still to come, the good that is right there for you… not on the things you can’t change.

I pulled this particular card for myself (to represent this time in my life) a month ago. And having it pulled it that long ago, I knew how to change the way I looked at the situations I find myself in now. That’s what I love about tarot. It prepares us and provides us ways to combat upcoming situations in our lives. Because I knew a 5 of Cups period was coming up, I knew to look at the upright cups and let the bad come as it may. I was not going to get my way, but that didn’t mean I had to focus on it.

Don’t cry over spilled milk is the motto I think of with this card. Another motto is don’t sweat the small stuff. Either way you look at it, remember: times are tough now, but it won’t be this way forever.


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