End of a Semester, embracing the Death card

It’s the end of another semester here. As a university professor, this is a time of letting go, welcoming the birth of something new, and leaving all of the past year’s troubles behind you. The signal of the end of this year is both a welcome time and a sad time.

I welcome the changes summer brings. I can do something different. What I’ve always loved about the work I do is that it changes all the time. When I do something too long, I get bored and stagnate. The end of the semester signals that it’s time to do something different.

Yet there are many projects unfinished, many lessons I didn’t get to teach. I’m sad for the things that didn’t happen this year… but I’m reminded that I can do them next year.

School is like the Death card each year, with one year ending and next year beginning. Although maybe a more appropriate card would be the Wheel of Fortune– reminding us that this happens cyclically. It will happen again. But since I’m a bigger fan of Death, I like to think of it in those terms. 😛

So let go of the things that you didn’t get to do this year. Embrace the new things to come. Shed the troubles and the woes of yesterday and look forward to tomorrow with open arms.


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